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About Diacomventures

As the aluminium industry strives for a more sustainable future. Daicomventures Aluminium Online Summit will investigate how far along we really are on the path to decarbonisation and if we’re going in the right direction.

Bringing together aluminium manufacturers and environmental solutions providers, the Summit will present the main issues, investments, technologies, and best practice examples from across the supply chain.

We want sustainability to be more than just a buzzword, so we are inviting a range of experts to give their opinions and advice on how best to achieve this huge decarbonisation task.

Join the Summit to hear more on topics including:

  • The reliability of renewable energies
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • The LME’s Sustainability Strategy
  • The work of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
  • Sustainability targets – achievable or out of reach?
  • Outlining guidelines for decarbonisation

Alongside the two-day conference and virtual exhibition, participants will also be invited to join live discussions and will have the opportunity to network with new contacts, arrange video meetings and exchange resources and information.

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Overall Aluminium Industry

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that has all three key elements of the aluminium industry: bauxite mining, alumina refi ning, and aluminium smelter operations. Not only is the aluminium industry an important business segment within the nation, it’s also a major export industry for Australia. Both businesses headquartered domestically within the nation as well as companies headquartered in other countries lead the aluminium industry in Australia. Among the global businesses with operations here include Alcoa, Hydro, Rio Tinto, RUSAL, and South32. Some of Australian aluminium operations are 100% owned by one fi rm, whilst others are joint ventures. Alcoa of Australia Limited (Alcoa), for example, is owned 60 percent by Alcoa Corporation and 40 percent by Alumina Limited, according to a statement from Alcoa. “The Australian aluminium industry has been operating since 1955 and has signifi cantly contributed to the economy throughout this period,” stated Ms. Marghanita Johnson, Executive Director of the Australian Aluminium Council. “Members of the Australian Aluminium Council include bauxite mines, alumina refi neries, aluminium smelters, extruders and distributors, as well as organisations associated with the industry. The industry is a key employer and contributor in the communities in which we operate. The Australian industry employs thousands of people and adds value to Australia’s local, state, and national economies at every stage, as well as having world-class environmental standards. Within the regions in which the industry operates, there is not only high-quality employment at mines, refi neries, and smelters, but also the opportunities for local contractors to grow where the industry provides a baseline of work on which they can then build.” Euromonitor International, a market research provider, has forecasted that overall aluminium production in Australia has grown from (US) $24,653,800,000 in 2019 to (US) $25,242,100,000 in 2020. This represents a forecast of a 2.4% increase. The overall aluminium industry category included, reported Euromonitor International, production of aluminium from alumina, electrolytic refi ning of aluminium waste and scrap, production of aluminium alloys, semi-manufacturing of aluminium, production of aluminium oxide (alumina), and aluminium wrapping foil.

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